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⟨ 交迭 Interweaving: From Kiln to Cup ⟩

翁宜襄茶道具展 Yvonne Weng's Tea Utensil Exhibition
茶の湯 SOKA’AN Tea Ceremony 

展覽日期 | 2023.12.2-12.15
展出空間 | 宗夏庵 SOKA’AN




展出作品 134件

水指、お茶碗、 蓋置、建水、花入、お菓子器、食籠

    Yvonne Weng’s ceramics collection for this exhibition is indeed a special one, which was inspired by Japanese tea culture and spirit, and started from Chado Instructor Yamamoto Sōka’s customise-ordered tea utensils that she wishes to use in her tea sessions at SOKA’AN. 


    The hues are a highlight of this collection. In Yvonne’s wood-fired works, there are a variety of colours ranging from snow white, stone black, sunset orange, ocean blue, and tints of lavender and jade. With works fired in her own electric kiln, she demonstrates a sense of simplicity in handmade tablewares with colours such as beige, black, light and dark brown, and blue. 


    The materials that Yvonne Weng used in this collection range from the east and the west. Her clays were from the west, her glazes were inspired by traditional Japanese recipes. She made her works in Kaohsiung City in Taiwan, then fired in her own electric kiln, or wood-fired in Miaoli. In the making of this collection, her techniques include throwing, handbuilding, and slab-building.


Main Exhibited Items 134 pcs​

Water Jars, Tea Bowls, Lid Rests, Waste Water Jars, Vases, Wagashi Serving Plates, Covered Wagashi Boxes

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