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Yvonne Weng's ceramics has a balance of practicability and comfortable touch while she explores in the boundless territory of arts, music, and thoughts. She has been honing her distinctive v​​oice in her creations since 2013.


1985                  出生於台北市
1994-1995        旅居紐西蘭 
2010                  輔仁大學哲學系・英文系畢業
2010-2013       台語搖滾樂團主唱
2013                  開始學習陶藝 
2019                  移居高雄市

1985                 Born in Taipei City, TW

1994-1995       Lived and studied in Wellington, NZ

2010                 BA Philosophy/ English Literature, FJU, TW

20102013       Vocalist of Taiwanese Indie Band

2013                 Began learning ceramics

2019                 Relocated to Kaohsiung City



2022               「酒」聯展(屋物工作室,台灣)

2023                 翁宜襄陶器展-GROOVE( 屋物工作室,台灣)

2023                 交迭 Interweaving: From Kiln to Cup


2022                Sake Group Exhibition (55 Mobler, Taiwan)

2023                Yvonne Weng Ceramics - Groove (55 Mobler)

2023                交迭 Interweaving: From Kiln to Cup

                       Yvonne Weng's Tea Utensil Exhibition・Chanoyu

                       (SOKA'AN, Taiwan)

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